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1 month ago @ 3:07PM

Celebrating Spring Senior Athletes - Girls Soccer

Annika DeGraaf

After two years of Junior Varsity, Annika joined the Varsity team in 2019 and started the season in goal. Annika gained valuable experience throughout the season and demonstrated an ability to come off her line and eliminate breakaways as well as any goalkeeper. One of her favorite memories of the season was stopping a PK at the 2019 opening game against FHC. Additionally, she came up with a huge breakaway save against EGR at home to hold onto an important victory. 

Annika’s words of advice for her teammates and future Eagle player:

The G of GRIT is that God is the reason. It is so easy to look over the fact and hard to understand how much of a blessing it is that we get to play soccer. What I hope everyone takes from this experience is to never take a day for granted. That from now on you show up to practice and give every day all the effort you can and put in the work because you never know when your last day might be. 

Make good memories. Work hard. Build friendships in your team. And most of all, have fun.

Rory Pruis

Rory has been a member of the Varsity Eagle Soccer team since her Sophomore year. Last year, Rory anchored a defense that kept the Eagles competitive throughout their OK Gold winning campaign. Rory’s tenacity and ability to play her best under pressure made her an invaluable as the lone center back, disrupting opponents’ attacks and initiating the Eagle offense from the back. Although the score book shows only 1 goal in her Eagles career, Rory was recognized by coaches for her play earning her All Conference and All-District honors in 2019.

Rory’s words of advice for her teammates and future Eagles players: 

Something I want the underclassmen to remember is to make every day count and remember that it’s a gift to be able to play.

Cami Rushlau

Cami played on the Varsity team her Freshmen, Sophomore and Junior seasons. This year, Cami was unable to play due to a lingering injury and, instead, was going to serve as a student assistant coach. During her time as on Varsity, Cami was credited with 13 shutouts and contributed to the Eagles’ conference championship in 2019. One of her greatest memories is that in her three years of playing, she never lost to rival EGR.

Cami’s words of advice for her teammates and future Eagles players: 

To all of the multiple year Varsity players and fiery Freshmen, hard work and perseverance are everything. Since my Freshman year, I realized that past skill and achievements don’t give you a name. The hard work you put in today and everyday does that. This also doesn’t mean only what you put on the field. Every word of advice, sound of encouragement, laugh shared on the sidelines, teardrop in the locker room, and every shout to make a silent voice heard is what earns you respect.

Lauren Timmer

Lauren played Varsity soccer her Junior and Senior year. Lauren made contributions to the team in whatever role she was asked to. Starting occasionally. Coming off the bench. Working hard in practice. Her passion for the game and her commitment to the team shown through each and every day, even if it didn’t show up on the score sheet. Lauren’s best memories come from the time she had working, training, playing and hanging out with her teammates. 

Lauren’s words of advice for her teammates and future Eagles players: 

I’d like to tell the underclassmen and future players that hard work and dedication are very important, but without a good, selfless attitude, even when things are not going your way, all your work and play will be less enjoyable and less successful. Sports should be enjoyed and the best way to do that is to have a good attitude no matter the circumstances (although it’s okay to be upset after a loss, it’s important not to become hung up on that loss) and to never take anything for granted.

Elizabeth Williams

Elizabeth made contributions to the varsity team from her sophomore through senior year. Elizabeth developed an ability to hold the ball while the play developed and strike from distance. Her love for the game was evident in the way she approached each training activity and match with a fierce competitiveness and desire to improve. In 2019, Elizabeth offensive work accounted for 25 of the teams 53 goals (17 goals & 8 assists), earning her All Conference, All District, All Region and 2nd Team All-State honors in 2019 en route to winning the OK Gold Conference title. Elizabeth will continue her playing career at Calvin University next fall. 

Elizabeth’s words of advice for her teammates and future Eagles players: 

When you’re at practice or working out with Dixon, give it your all. Because, why not? What do you have to lose by committing yourself to getting stronger and better? Just have fun and enjoy the friendships you wouldn’t have had without being part of the team. 

Rachel Wolfe

Rachel played varsity soccer her Junior and Senior years. Rachel most often played in the role of a striker, always adding energy and effort to the attack. She gave relentless effort that netted her 1 goal and 1 assist her Junior year. Notably, Rachel was one of the toughest players on the squad. In 2019, Rachel came off the field early in the season with an injury. After evaluation, it turned out she had torn a tendon in her foot, but that didn’t stop her. She came to training and matches with a bright smile, playing through the pain and showing the toughness the was a hallmark of her game. Rachel shared that every goal is a highlight, “But the best part about scoring a goal is being surrounded by your team who is cheering for you. I never would have scored a single goal without them. So, the most memorable part about playing Grand Rapids Christian High soccer for me was being a part of a team that celebrated each other’s accomplishments and chose the team over themselves 100% of the time.”

Rachel’s words of advice for her teammates and future Eagles players: 

There are so many things to look forward to about playing Eagles soccer. Dressing up on game day, team snack, bus rides to games, locker room dance parties, playing under the lights in the stadium, getting to know the coaches, and so much more. Enjoy and be grateful every minute of it - it goes by way too fast. Most importantly, challenge yourself. Your team and coaches will push you in every way to make you better. Your team will become your family. You have to come every day ready to improve. Step out and be a leader. Be bold in your faith on the field. Step out of your comfort zone. Soccer is so much fun, but it can be so much more than that if you let it.

Hear Coach Aric Dershem talk about these seniors here!



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