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Eagles Athletics

Grand Rapids Christian High School

Eagles Athletics

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3 months ago @ 3:51PM

Read about our fall team captains

Teams at Grand Rapids Christian High School look to promote leadership in our athletes.  Part of that is the practice of appointing team captains.  Each team handles the process of appointing captains and assigning their duties in their own way.  Here are our fall team captains and what their duties are: 

Cross Country

Captains:   Seniors
Selection:  All team seniors hold captain responsibilties
In-Season Responsibilities:  Lead warm ups and pre-run corse. 
Off-Season Responsibilities:  Encourage training


Captains:   Aidan Bremer, Adam Sarjo, Ace Thomas
Selection:  Team votes, coaches have final say
In-Season Responsibilities:  Locker room cleanliness, last to leave the field each day, if someone has to run for being late a captain runs with him, leads the effort to pick up equipment from the field after practice.
Off-Season Responsibilities:  They are appointed right before the season.

Girls Golf

Captains:   Ryann Breslin, Sara Muir
Selection:  Combination of coach choice and team choice
In-Season Responsibilities:  Organize team devotions and snacks; lead drills at times; choose and organize team uniform purchases; inspire, push and lead teammates; communicate with the coach about any team issues; be a listener to teammates.
Off-Season Responsibilities:  Run weekly team rounds of golf; get teammates into the golf room and organize play/practice

Sideline Cheer

Captains:   We do not have any official captains this season.
Selection:  We usually decide on captains based on experience on the team and leadership and sometimes by team vote.
In-Season Responsibilities:  Creating team attire schedules, team snack schedule, responsibility of cheer equipment (poms, signs, run-throughs)
Off-Season Responsibilities:  There are no off-Season responsibilities.

Boys Soccer

Captains:   Nick Cassiday, Anton Dershem, Xander Schra, Matt Welch
Selection:  Ask who would like to be considered. Private vote, then coach selected based on votes and other factors.
In-Season Responsibilities:  Communicate with team, lead pre-session warm-ups, hold team accountable for performance
Off-Season Responsibilities: Captains don’t have duties in the Off-Season as they are selected by the team when it's formed.  Rising Seniors provide leadership in the Off-Season to prepare for being captains.

Girls Swim and Dive

Captains:   Claudia Brinks, Becca Burrows, Maria Nelson
Selection:  Team Vote 
In-Season Responsibilities:  Lane leadership, outside practice team gathering organization, fundraising, volunteer work, eyes and ears of coaching staff, freshmen orienteers, organize buddy system and meet day themes. 
Off-Season Responsibilities:  Organize purchase of season gear including suits, shirts, and other team swag. Plan the In-Season activities, manage Off-Season gatherings like Christmas party etc. 

Boys Tennis

Captains:  Alex Lowell, Simon Volkema, and Tanner Warners
Selection:  A combination of team and coach vote, then interviews with coaches to confirm the selections.
In-Season Responsibilities:  Beginning and end of practice equipment management and starting warmup.  Uniform selection, team communications, devotions, prayers, faith formation opportunities, team information resources, team motivation, team accountability, coach/player communications, athletic department correspondence, athletic training correspondence, and other duties as assigned.
Off-Season Responsibilities:  Motivating the team to work out in the Off-Season, keeping team communications going, captain's practices.

Girls Volleyball

Captains:   Lauren Peal and Addie VanderWeide
Selection:  Coaches pick
In-Season Responsibilities:  Helping to set the tone in practice. Pulling the team together when things aren’t going well. Practicing and playing as an example of something to be followed. Being a liaison between the team and coaches. Helping to keep the expectations high in practice and in matches. In matches the captains do the coin toss and speak to the referees.
Off-Season Responsibilities:  Help with communication between team and coaches if needed.

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