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Eagles Athletics

Grand Rapids Christian High School

Eagles Athletics

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1 month ago @ 2:22PM

Celebrating Spring Senior Athletes: Girls Soccer

Eagles fans, 

We have the special privilege to celebrate the contributions and accomplishments of our seniors on the Grand Rapids Christian Eagles Girls Varsity Soccer Team. 

We have asked each of our Seniors’ parents to share some thoughts about their seniors.  

Becca Burrows

Parents:  Shirley and Brian Burrows

Becca, we love watching you plan and especially remember you scoring a header off a corner kick in double OT during the district semi-finals in your first game back after having your appendix removed. We have enjoyed watching your confidence grow as a player and seeing the effort and commitment to display every time you are on the field. 

We are excited to see you continue your academic and athletic career at Northern Michigan University this fall as part of the swim & dive team. It has been a joy to watch you grow. You are kind, brave and strong. Keep doing your best, no one can ask anything else and remember – we can do hard things.

Claire Cassiday

Parents:  Angela Cassiday & Brent Tate:

Claire, we love watching you play soccer over the years. One of our favorite memories is when you, on a throw-in, forgot which sport you were playing and threw a chest-pass right to Rory Pruis’s hands. The sideline official was not impressed. You are tenacious, a hard worker, a skilled athlete and VERY competitive. You give 110% all the time and we love seeing that. We love your support for your teammates and the way you cheer them on, encourage them and support them during the game whether you are on the field or on the bench. 

We are excited to watch you continue your education at Calvin University, studying pre-med and playing basketball for the Knights!  We are very proud of your loving and generous heart.   Our hope and prayer are that you will continue to stay strong in her Christian faith, that you will continue to follow Jesus, and that your next four years will be as wonderful as the last.  Claire, we love you and are so very, very proud of you!

Erin Cawley

Parents: Laura and Brian Cawley:

Erin, we remember you starting to play as that 3-year old who only wanted to get the post-game snacks to watching her today as a confident and capable competitor. We enjoy watching your intensity, determination, and commitment to her team, no matter what challenge is presented. 

We are excited to see you continue your education at Calvin University where you plan to major in psychology with a neuro-science concentration as you prepare for graduate study in Physical or Occupational Therapy. We know you will bring your tenacity for learning and passion for exploring God's world to whatever you do. We are excited to see how God will continue to love you and use you to make His world a better place.

Olivia Gray

Parents:  Jennifer and Todd Gray

Olivia, from your first soccer experiences with PurePlay at Ada Christian, to club soccer and JV and Varsity high school soccer, we always look forward to watching you play and doing what you enjoy on the field.  It has been a privilege and honor to see your growth as a player and a teammate.  

One of our favorite memories of soccer is when you were called up to play on the varsity team your sophomore year and the joy you had to see your hard work payoff.  OG, we love watching your super speedy sprints up and down the sidelines.

We are excited for you to take the next steps in your journey as you head off to Butler University.  We love your sweet and giving spirit but we will miss seeing your fierce competitive nature on the field.

Emma Witte

Parents: Rachel and John Witte:

Emma, our memories about you playing soccer are less about wins or goals or performance, and more about the joy of friendships that have developed with the girls has played with.  We're grateful for teammates who have helped make her a better player and who have shared in the highs and lows of her 3 seasons at GRCHS!

Emma, whatever the sport and whatever the season, you are "all in"--and so we love seeing the determination on your face, particularly when you lose the ball and turns around to steal it back!  It is also satisfying to see you make a well-played through-ball into open space as part of an attack!

We are excited that you will be attending Calvin University and studying kinesiology, where we hope your love of athletics and competition will find a fitting career path.  We look forward to watching you play basketball for the Knights, but we know that soccer will always remain close to your heart!  We pray you will continue to play for the love of the game, and bring glory to her creator through the reflection of his gifts to her.

On behalf of the coaching staff, your teammates, and all the Eagle fans, thank you, Seniors for all the contributions you have made to the Eagle Soccer Program and Grand Rapids Christian High School. 

You have personified GRIT for our team this year and will leave a legacy for this program. 

We are so proud of you and so excited for your future. 

In honor of your contributions to the Eagle Soccer Program during your 4-years, we would like to award you with your Senior Scarf as a reminder that wherever life takes you, you will always be an EAGLE. 

Congratulations and GO EAGLES!

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