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Eagles Athletics

Grand Rapids Christian High School


Eagles Athletics

Grand Rapids Christian High School

Eagles Athletics

Grand Rapids Christian High School

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1 month ago @ 2:59PM

Class of 2021 College Athlete Signing Day!!

It has been a privilege to participate in the lives of these remarkable seniors. We have all shared in their victories and defeats and as we see them signing for their college athletic commitments, we remember them as freshies and think of all the prayer, love, and effort that has been poured into them. They have turned out so well!

Parents, thank you for gifting us with your wonderful children, now young adults.

Seniors, thank you for your leadership, your Christ-like hearts and the gift you are to our school and community. God bless you in this next step in your lives!

Here is the list of seniors who participated in our Signing Day Celebration!

Sam Genzink: Calvin University
Sam Lisiak: Biola University

Claire Cassiday: Calvin University
Sam VerSteeg: Hope College
Emma Witte: Calvin University

Brian Hunter: Valparaiso University
Austin Ross: Adrian College
Adam Sarjo: Wayne State University
Marcellus VanderKodde: Otterbein University

Sylvia Kuitula: Paul Smith’s College

Kiera Zylstra: Grand Canyon University

Anton Dershem: Calvin University

Alex Lowell: Northwood University

Becca Burrows: Northern Michigan University
Jacob Haaksma: Biola University

Lauren Peal: University of Indianapolis
Addie VanderWeide: University of Iowa

Additional Seniors that will continue their athletic career in college are:

Ryann Breslin: Golf at University of North Caroliina at Chapel Hill
Kobe Bufkin: Basketball at University of Michigan
Joe DeVries: Volleyball at Hope College
Lily Gaastra: Softball at Calvin University
Stephanie Stewart: Volleyball at Hope College

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