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Eagles Athletics

Grand Rapids Christian High School


Eagles Athletics

Grand Rapids Christian High School

Eagles Athletics

Grand Rapids Christian High School

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1 month ago @ 11:12AM

Celebrating Girls Tennis Seniors

We have the special privilege to celebrate the contributions and accomplishments of our seniors on the Grand Rapids Christian Eagles Girls Varsity Tennis Team.  This year's seniors are:

Ryann Breslin
Parents: Scott and Jasmine Breslin

Next fall Ryann will be attending the University of North Carolina and will be studying Biology or business with a minor in Design! Ryann plays 1 singles! 

Dafna Heule
Parents: Paulus and Rosemary Heule

Dafna will be continuing her academics at Calvin University. Dafna plans on studying environmental engineering and Spanish. Dafna plays 1 doubles!

Lauren Peal
Parents:  Matt and Gigi Peal

Next Lauren will be continuing her academic and volleyball career at the University of Indianapolis! Lauren plans on studying psychology or kinesiology! Lauren received the Eagle Athlete award for the class of 2021! Lauren plays 2 doubles!

Grace Poortenga
Parents: Doug and Anne Poortenga

Next year Grace will be continuing her academics at the Calvin University! Grace plans on studying German but is undecided on what else. Grace is the recipient of the Congressional Medal of Merit award as well as a national merit finalist! Grace is currently playing 1 doubles!

Elizabeth Rupp
Parents: Julie Way and Steve Rupp

Next year Elizabeth will be attending the University of Syracuse with an undecided Major. Elizabeth is a 3-year varsity tennis player and plays 2 doubles!

Stephanie Stewart
Parents: Keith and Sherry Stewart

Next fall Stephanie will be attending Hope College and playing volleyball! She plans on studying Political Science with a minor in psychology! Stephanie plays 5 doubles!

Olivia Tuit
Parents: Dave and Kelly Tuit

Olivia will be attending the Calvin University with the intent of studying in Art and Design and Marketing. Olivia will also be participating in the Artist Collaborative program! Olivia also is the recipient of the Brother Lawrence award! Olivia plays 5th doubles!

Chloe Westhouse
Parents: Scott and Elizabeth Westhouse

This fall Chloe will be attending Hope College. Chloe plans on pursuing a major in Nursing! Chloe plays 4 doubles!

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