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Eagles Athletics

Grand Rapids Christian High School

Eagles Athletics

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4 weeks ago @ 3:27PM

Celebrating Softball Seniors

Lilly Dekker
Parents: Kris and Bob Dekker

Lilly has played varsity softball for 4 years and is our senior catcher. Lilly is attending Kalamazoo College to study psychology and is hoping to play softball there. Her favorite memory of the softball team is the time she and some of the other seniors went to Meijer and bought goldfish, then tied the fish to coaches car doors.

Lilly’s advice for next year’s team:  Improvement comes at surprising times. Never doubt your abilities to improve.

From Coach Danae:  I have loved watching you grow as a catcher, not only in your skills but also in your vocal leadership on the field!

From Lilly’s Parents:  

  • Favorite memory of Lille playing softball: Watching the joy on her face every time she throws out a runner trying to steal, picks off a runner who has gotten too big of a lead, or tags out a runner on a play at the plate. She gets SO pumped, which is really fun to see!
  • Best part of having her on the team: I love the fact that these ladies have so much fun together. They play hard but they also are goofy and make each other laugh. I also love that they lead each other in devotions. They work hard but laugh often, which hopefully has helped them form bonds and make memories they will always treasure.

Lily Gaastra
Parents: Stephenie and Greg Gaastra

Lily has played varsity softball for 4 years, and is our shortstop. Lily is attending Calvin University in the fall, and is planning to study biology and Pre PA and hopes to play softball there. Some of her favorite memories on the team are mercying Catholic Central twice this year, and playing wiffle ball.

Lily’s advice for next year’s team: Never ever be late and always work your hardest in practice to make yourself better while also making your teammates better. Be open to trying new positions, and be grateful when coaches critique you because they're helping you!

From Coach Danae: I loved being able to see you get your first high school career home run vs. Northview!

From her parents:

  • Favorite memory of Lily playing softball: Three favorite memories 
    • The first time Lily forgot her cleats at age 6, she played softball in her pink crocs. Unfortunately we don't have picture proof but I did find a picture of her playing in jeans.
    • Two years ago, the girls played a prank on coach. They taped little pictures of coach all over the inside of the closet door.
    • One final favorite memory is from this season, when Lily hit her 3-run home run over the center field fence.
  • Best part of having her on the team: We greatly appreciate all her teammates and coaches that have fun while playing softball together. Also, we appreciated watching Lily improve her skill (thanks to great coaching) and develop into a leader.

Haily McBride
Parents: Julie and Travis McBride

Haily has played varsity softball for 3 years, she plays outfield and is our starting pitcher. Haily is attending Olivet Nazarene University in the fall to study Nursing. Some of her favorite memories on the team are panda practice, when she got a walk off home run and when that team covered the inside of the closet with pictures of the coach.

Haily’s advice for next year’s team: Work really hard and play together!!

From Coach Danae: One of my favorite memories of you is when we unexpectedly beat Wyoming your sophomore year when you hit a walk-off home run!

From Haily’s parents:

  • Favorite memory of Haily playing softball: My favorite memory is when Haily hit a walk-off home run against Wyoming.
  • Best part about having her on the team: I appreciate how supportive the girls are of one another. They keep a positive attitude and work hard in every game.

Allison Quist
Parents: Kristy and Brian Quist

Allison has played varsity softball for 4 years and plays outfield. Allison is attending Loyola University Chicago to study biology and will be a part of the interdisciplinary honors program. Her favorite softball memory is from her sophomore year, when a girl on our team ran into the fence and her glasses shot off of her face.

Allison’s advice for next year’s team: Don't take high school too seriously, it might not be the glory days everyone acts like it supposed to be, and that's okay. You’ll still make fun memories with great people.

From Coach Danae: You first learned how to slap your freshman year and you have worked really hard to learn this skill. Your growth from freshman to senior year at the plate has been one of my favorite things to see!

From her parents: 

  • Favorite memory of Allison playing softball: Allison hadn’t picked up a glove or bat since tee ball when she joined the softball team her freshman year. It’s been amazing to watch her learn the skills. We will never forget when she first played outfield and a batter hit the ball hard, straight at her. Allison put her glove up in front of her. She looked just as astonished as the rest of us that the ball landed in it.
  • What we appreciate about having her on the team: This team became one of Allison’s favorite places to be from the first day. They encourage each other and have so much fun together, and it's great to see new relationships develop every year. Coach Danae teaches them to work hard, work together and still have fun.

Annika Smits
Parents: Lorelei and Jeff Smits

Annika has played varsity softball for 4 years and plays outfield. Annika is attending the University of Michigan to study art and design and Spanish. Her favorite memory on the team is going bowling every season because it was fun to see how bad everyone was.

Annika’s advice for next year’s team: Challenge yourself to improve and continue working hard, but most importantly have fun and keep your head up.

From Coach Danae: You had the nickname Sloth for your freshman and sophomore seasons on our team. However, coming out your senior year, that nickname no longer applies! You have worked incredibly hard to become the great hitter and outfielder that you are now!

From Annika’s Parents:

  • Favorite memory of Annika playing softball: We have loved how supportive everyone on the team is of each other, whether there were errors or great plays.
  • What we appreciate about having her on the team: We are thankful for the many friends that Annika has made through the softball program, as well as for the support and mentorship from the coaches.

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