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Eagles Athletics

Grand Rapids Christian High School

Eagles Athletics

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3 weeks ago @ 3:59PM

Celebrating our three-sport athletes!

From the MHSAA:

Let’s look at the whys of multi-sport participation. 

First there are skills in other sports learned that can contribute to a kids main or favorite sport.

Different sports use different muscle groups, allowing for healing time and development of all muscle groups.

Sports burnout is very common among kids even if there aren’t any signs of it when they are younger.  There is a chance a kid may decide a sport is not what they want as their main focus and without having other interests a kid can get very lost when they leave that single sport.

Multi-sport participation is better for a young person’s long-term health physically and mentally.

Multi-sport participation is cross training for life.

This is what some of our seniors had to say about being a three-sport athlete:

Why did you choose/want to be a three-sport athlete?

  • I’ve been playing 3 sports since 3 and never wanted to quit
  • Since I can remember I've always been playing sports. I guess it has become second nature to stay active in multiple sports year-round.

What were the benefits of being a three-sport athlete?

  • Always being busy and in shape
  • Staying in shape, meeting new friends, and learning how to stay driven
  • Time management and staying in shape for other sports

Do you have any words of wisdom for current Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen who are three-sport athletes?

  • Always be confident
  • Compete with yourself and try to be the best athlete version of you.  Also, it is never too late to try a new sport.  If anything, you will get a new experience and learn a new way to compete!
  • Keep doing it!

Here’s a list of our senior three-sport athletes:


Noah Christenson: Football, Swimming and Diving, Lacrosse
Joe DeVries: Football, Swimming and Diving, Volleyball
Andre Irving: Football, Wrestling, Track and Field
Haily McBride: Cross Country, Basketball, Softball
Joey Rauwerda: Soccer, Bowling, Track and Field
Sam Skillen: Soccer, Swimming and Diving, Track and Field
Noah Solle: Cross Country, Swimming and Diving, Track and Field
Marcellus VanderKodde: Football, Basketball, Lacrosse


Ella Koetje: Swimming and Diving, Bowling, Softball
Alec Koval: Football, Swimming and Diving, Baseball
Charles Walters: Tennis, Baseball, Volleyball


Hope Alvesteffer: Volleyball, Basketball, Tennis
Natalie Borst: Cross Country, Skiing, Track and Field
Blake Bouwman: Cross Country, Swimming and Diving, Track and Field
Luke Gelderloos: Tennis, Swimming and Diving, Baseball
Katelyn LaRue: Cross Country, Basketball, Soccer
Tyler Porte: Football, Basketball, Baseball
Luke Selfe: Football, Wrestling, Lacrosse
Sarah Timmer: Cross Country, Skiing, Track and Field
Tem Warners: Football, Basketball, Track and Field


George Boville: Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball
Maggie Doyle: Swimming and Diving, Basketball, Lacrosse
Zeke Heerema: Soccer, Bowling, Baseball
Katie Hoeksema: Volleyball, Basketball, Lacrosse
Payton Holtz: Cross Country, Basketball, Track and Field
Betta Klein: Golf, Skiing, Tennis
Jude Klunder: Football, Wrestling, Track and Field
Annelise Kuiper: Golf, Skiing, Soccer
Rachel Larsen: Volleyball, Basketball, Lacrosse
Joey Lukezich: Football, Wrestling, Baseball
Jordan Rodgers: Soccer, Basketball, Track and Field
Nathan Scheffler: Tennis, Track and Field, Volleyball
Violet Talsma: Swimming and Diving, Basketball, Track and Field
Anna VanHeulen: Volleyball, Basketball, Softball
Alex VerMeulen: Golf, Skiing, Tennis

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