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Eagles Athletics

Grand Rapids Christian High School

Eagles Athletics

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2021 Boys Soccer Seniors

We have the special privilege to celebrate the contributions and accomplishments of our seniors on the Grand Rapids Christian Eagles Varsity Boys Soccer Team. 

Each of our Seniors’ parents shared some thoughts about their son.

Grant Bishop
Parents: Scott & Melissa Bishop

Grant, we, as your parents and your sister, have so enjoyed watching you grow and mature as a soccer player over the past four years. Going from freshman and sophomore year being team captain and a fierce backline defender to a continued leader and strong center back your junior and senior year. We are so proud of the young man that you are, both on and off the soccer field. As you head off to college to pursue nursing, or something in the medical field, we know God has big plans for your life and we look forward to seeing where He takes you. You are such a gift to us and we love you so much Grant!  Dad, Mom, and Hillary

Alex Busscher 
Parents: Brad & Michelle Busscher

Alexander Blaise, you are a wonderful young man that God has blessed us with. Your kind heart, friendly personality, and humor shine through to those around you. We are so proud of the way you balance your job, social life and soccer, while getting excellent grades in school. We're excited that you're planning on pursuing a business degree in marketing next year, at a location God has yet to reveal.  We know He has a wonderful plan for your life! We have loved watching you play soccer since you were 4 years old and are so proud of the work you've put in since then. You set a goal for yourself and, through your hard work, perseverance, and passion for the game, you have achieved it. Finish strong, have fun, and enjoy the rest of your senior year!  Love you!  Dad, Mom, Braeden, Ashten and Brianna

Nick Cassiday 
Parents: Mom Angela Cassiday & Brent Tate and Dad Chad Cassiday & Kelly Cassiday

Nick, we have loved watching you play soccer . . . . what seems like 8 million games, over the last 13 years, all across the country. Nowhere else have you had a bigger smile than on a soccer field . . . noting that a basketball gym is a close 2nd! You have been named to the Olympic Development US National team twice, the Michigan Highschool All-state first team, the Michigan Highschool Dream Team and so far, an Eagles 3-year total of 61 goals and 34 assists. We are most proud of the leadership you’ve shown and the friendships you’ve made. It is your heart, (not your left foot), that we cherish. We thank God for you, we love you and can’t wait to watch you play at the University of Michigan next fall! Go Eagles and Go Blue!

Drew DeBoer
Parents: Chad & Jen DeBoer

Drew was born to be a soccer player!  From a very young age, we realized that soccer was going to be your first love.  Your ferocity and tenaciousness on the field have served you well as very few opponents can get through you.  You have never shied away from playing with and against opponents much older than you.  Anything to play and improve at this game. We have loved watching you embrace new teammates, new positions and new challenges both on and off the soccer field.  The lessons you have learned on the soccer pitch have shaped you into a fine young man, and we know God has great plans for your future.  We love you Drew!

Grant Hassenrik 
Parents: Matt & Lesley Hassenrik

Grant, we’ve loved watching you play soccer since your very first game at not even three years old. We vividly remember a U5 indoor game where you scored nine goals because we told you that you would get 10 tokens at Chuck E. Cheese for every goal you scored. Maybe we should try that again? Grant, God has blessed you with a natural hunger for the game of soccer. We love how you give 110% every single time you hit the field. Words cannot express how proud we are of you, not only as a soccer player but as a young man of God. As your parents, that’s all we could ever hope for. As you head off to college next year to study Business, we are so excited to continue watching you play the next four years as well. We love you with all our heart, Grant. Keep your eyes on HIM. Love, Dad, Mom, Molly and Charley

Ben Klein 
Parents: Chris & Jane Klein

Ben, Futbol is life!  And…life is more than futbol!  From the early days on the fields at MacKay-Jaycees Park we’ve watched you build a way of playing soccer that is smart, selfless, and team focused.  You lead from the middle, quite literally, never forgetting about defending the goal all while thinking about feeding the ball forward.  Your voice on and off the field helps create connections that matter.  We see you and are here for all of it.  Having a vision of the field, developing yourself, and helping people to be their best is how we can imagine these soccer skills will play out in the rest of life.  We will be on the sidelines for those days too; cheering for and supporting you.  For now, we get to root you on and enjoy watching you play as this great season continues to unfold. With love, Mom, Dad, Betta, Eleanor and Lucy

Ben Kuiper 
Parents:  John & Katie Kuiper

Ben, you were three years old when you started kicking a soccer ball and your family has loved watching you grow to be an excellent player. You were born with a competitive spirit; fostered by your father and grandfather; but you’ve developed that into a team spirit that encourages others around you and quietly leads as well. We are proud of the soccer player you’ve worked hard to become and we are very proud of the young man you’ve matured into. We pray you will continue to use your gifts to glorify God. You are a blessing to your family and we love you very much.

Eli Leegwater 
Parents: John & Holli Leegwater

Romans 5:3 says to rejoice when we run into problems for they develop endurance which strengthens our character and deepens our hope. So true as we've watched you persevere through being a bench player, a changed position, being cut from a team, and even receiving an undeserved red card. Each time, you refocused and worked even harder toward your goals. Your determination and choice to lean into God when it was easier to give up has grown you into an outstanding young man. For this we rejoice. Continue to daily seek Jesus. Trust Him to be your guide as you run the race set before you. We are so proud and absolutely love watching you play. Can't wait to see where God takes you.  Love you to the moon and back E  — Dad, Mom and Brooke

Hans Pruis 
Parents: Dirk & Liesl Pruis 

Hans, as the youngest of four soccer playing siblings, you were dragged to countless games before you got your chance to play.  It feels like only yesterday you were six playing with a broken wrist and here we are full circle as you finish high school.  You spent so many years as a center back until the unfortunate Pruis “late growth” gene hit you when all your teammates, especially the defenders, shot up and you didn’t.  Your coaches moved you up top and discovered you had another gear sometimes the defense just didn’t have. We love to watch you play with so much intensity and determination.  Playing sports has taught you vital lessons about working hard and the importance of teamwork.  We’re excited to see the next chapters of your life unfold as you seek to develop the many gifts God has blessed you with.  We’re proud of you, we love you and we’ll always be there for you. Mom and Dad

Alex Terry 
Parent: Angie Terry

Alex, there are no words to express how extremely proud I am of you! You are a phenomenal athlete, teammate, soccer player, and son. Your strength and determination over the last 9 months have been admirable to say the least. Your faith in Jesus has grown beautifully during this time and I know He has amazing things in store for you.  Keep your head up, eyes on Him and feet firmly planted on the soccer field. You got this Bud and I feel so lucky to have a front row seat to watch it all unfold! Love, Mom

Xavier Wright 
Parents: Mark & Holly Wright

Xavier, soccer has always brought out the best in you where it was able to keep you active enough, satisfy your natural competitive nature, and develop true comradery and friendships with every team you joined.  You have shown us many things, but if there is one thing that stands out about you is that it is never about you in soccer, you are a true team player, who lifts up his teammates and always nails that perfect pass.  Not only are you a respectable player on the field, we couldn't be more proud of your character that is adored by so many.  You consistently are a solid simple person who has shown kindness and respect to everyone around you. You have been a true gift to us and we know God has some big things in store for you.


On behalf of the coaching staff, your teammates, and all the Eagle fans, thank you, Seniors for all the contributions you have made to the Eagle Soccer Program and Grand Rapids Christian High School. You have personified GRIT for our team this year. We are so proud of you and so excited for your future. Congratulations and GO EAGLES!


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