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6 days ago @ 2:41PM

2021 Girls Soccer Seniors

Abby Ames
Parents:  David and Debra Ames

Written by Gabrielle Richardson

Abby, I remember my freshman year when we first met.  As a freshman I was so nervous playing volleyball in high school but you made it easier as we became friends and related over the struggles of being a DS.  There are so many little things you do that make you such a good person.  Things such as saying hi in the hallways or asking if I’m OK have put me in a good mood countless times.  You’re such a great role model on and off the court, watching you taught me to be kind, encouraging, and aggressive.  In practice you’re always giving 100%, bettering the ball, and encouraging teammates.  At school you are always reaching out to people, giving help where it’s needed, and providing a smile.  You always have a positive attitude and encourage us to have one too.  Your cheering on the court always gets us hyped and gives us the reassurance we sometimes need.  You never fail to let us know how great of players we are to just look fear in the face.  I’m gonna miss your sideline people talks, funny shaboyah, smiles in the hallways, daily encouragement and car ride advice.  Just want you to know how much you have meant to me each season we played together.  You gave me confidence when sometimes I didn’t have it and encouraged me when I was down.  You let me know that I was going to go out there and kill it.  You were always the loudest person cheering and made it all worth while.  Abby, thank you for being an amazing teammate and friend.  Whatever college you’re going to is lucky to gain such a smart and caring woman.  Thank you, Abby!

Kate Breems
Parents: Brent and Suzanna Breems

Written by Mackenzie Ritsema

I met Kate in middle school and ever since then I have looked up to her.  Coming into high school was scary, and volleyball tryouts were even scarier, but know Kate made it easier.  If you know Kate you know that she is a kind, smart, and hardworking person.  Every day she comes to practice ready to work hard and get better.  She brings so much positive energy on the court and you can always count on her for encouragement.  She makes every day more fun and will always put a smile on your face.  Kate your confidence and positive attitude are contagious.  You encourage me to be more confident every day.  You never fail to make me laugh.  I love our inside jokes and how we always hyper each other up during passing drills.  IT has been so much fun be being on a team with you for the past three years and we have made so many fun memories I will remember forever.  Thank you for being such an amazing teammate and friend.  I don’t know what I would do without you.  I could say so much more about Kate, but I’ll end with this.  Kate, I know that you are going to do amazing things in the future and I am so excited to see what you accomplish.  I am going to miss you so much when You are gone.  Promise you will come back to visit.  I love you so much, Kate.

Callista Bremer
Parents: Mark and Michelle Bremer

Written by Rowan Cebulski

I think everyone deserves to have a person like Calista in their lives. While she constantly finds ways to surprise and impress all of us, such as whipping out a backflip off of coach Amy’s boat, she remains selfless and humble. Cali can make anyone laugh at anything, anytime. Just making eye contact with her from across the net is enough to send both of us into a laughing fit. Just the other day at practice, I looked over at Cali’s phone and she had a reminder set that said “be a STRONG leader today” in all caps. Although we laughed at her for it, it is her desire to be the best version of herself she can for others that is so so special. Cali, on behalf of the whole team, I hope you know that you didn’t need that reminder—because whether or not you realize it, all of us—-juniors and upcoming underclassmen are already following your example of how to play selflessly ALL of the time. Even though she’s a senior, Cali never complains about setting up the net or waiting in the back of the line for dinner. Thank you for bringing enthusiasm to everything you do, and for making people feel known and accepted. I will miss dancing with you and your signature moves in the locker room, and laughing at nothing for majority of practice. I have confidence that you will bring joy to everyone around you wherever you end up going after this —- just maybe set a another reminder on your phone to come back every so often. Love you!

Alyssa DeVries
Parents:  Mike and Betsy DeVries

Written by Rowan Cebulski

Alyssa is one of the most passionate people I know on, and off the court. She brings her best energy and focus into every touch she makes on the ball, but also into each and every person on the team. She knows when someone has had a bad day, and gives out the best hugs to cheer them up. I have personally had many bad days solved with a hug from Lys. One of my favorite things, however, is a side of Alyssa many people don’t get to see, and possibly don’t expect. When a team sends a free ball meant to be tricky and Alyssa picks it up, you can often hear her mumble “too easy” under her breath as she passes a perfect ball. This is the way she carries herself— with confidence (and just the right amount of attitude)—and it is contagious. Alyssa, since freshman year, you have looked out for me and I am eternally grateful for the ways in which your confidence in yourself and in me has impacted me. Thank you, Lys, for showing me what it looks like to love people well. Grand Rapids Christian volleyball will not soon forget the way your smile brightens up the gym. I love you so much and Calvin is beyond lucky to have you and your hugs next year—-just please please please don’t forget to come back and save some for me! 

Evie Doezema
Parents:  Kip and Carrie Doezema

Written by Kidist Nelson

Evie has been on varsity since her freshman year and has grown so much since I first started watching her. Coming into high school volleyball I was super nervous but I remember going to summer workouts and seeing Evie every morning with a smile on her face and working really hard. Even though she didn’t know it, she pushed me to do better and to work harder that summer.  Her joy and love for the game is so contagious it makes me want to work harder and to have fun with it. Evie, the first time I met you I was so nervous but you took the time to talk to me and to always make sure that I knew that I was doing good. You are a great leader on and off the court. Being on a team with you this year you have already taught me so much, you teach me to come to practice every day and work my hardest and to never get down on myself.  You are the most encouraging person ever and all of us are so lucky to have you on the team. Even though you are one of the best people I have ever played with, you are so humble and never make any of us feel less than you. Thank you for making me feel so welcomed on the team and for believing in me. Your smile and laugh fill the gym with a type of happiness that I will miss so much next year. Thank you for the countless hugs and high fives’s. We have had so many good memories so far and I can’t wait to make more with you the rest of the season. We all know you are going to do great things in the future and we all can’t wait to watch you through your next four years at Michigan State. I love you so so much and will miss you more then you know.

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