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Eagles Athletics

Grand Rapids Christian High School


Eagles Athletics

Grand Rapids Christian High School

Eagles Athletics

Grand Rapids Christian High School

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Game Summary

5 months ago

Girls Varsity Swimming OK White Conference Finals

The Eagles had an incredible weekend at the Northview Highschool and East Grand Rapids High School natatoriums.

Thursday night started with diving finals separately held at EGR with Megan Hermen, Naomi Grix, and Lily McGowan diving for GRCH. Naomi and Lily locked in their advancement to Regionals a few weeks ago, and will get to return to the boards at the end of this week!

The meet was separated into a Friday and Saturday session to allow for more spacing out and movement of kids in on and around the deck. Each team was given a "Headquarters" where they would ferry athletes too and from for warm up, competition, and warm down.

The system worked well and allowed each kid time to prepare for their races safely, and get up for some big times... and boy did GRCH throw down some big times this weekend.

95% of the team saw at least one in season best time. 90% every single race they swam was an in season best time. And even more impressive, 80%+ every swim they had was a LIFETIME best swim! An incredible achievement during the most difficult year of training, logistics, and challenges that this team has ever faced. 

A full notable times list would be 25 athletes deep, but highlighting a few key races for scoring and state qualification over the weekend must be done. 

Janie Mills punched her ticket to the State Championships with a state cut in her 50 Freestyle! 25.66. 

Clara Bremer pushed her swims down a boat load with a 3 second drop in her 100 Free and her 100 Breast. 1:13.87 and 56.51 respectively. Team mate Kaylee Enders also ripped a 1:16 in her 100 Breast stroke to join Clara on the podium for the 100 Breast stroke.

Seniors Annika Entingh and Claudia Brinks both dropped 7+ seconds on their in season times to get a pair of 2:08s in their 200 freestyle which put them on the scoring podium.

Becca Burrows, Kristin Winkle, and Grace Carpenter took 1st, 4th, and 6th in the 50 freestyle. Burrows taking the win with a SCHOOL RECORD time of 23.68. First individual swimming school record in over 15 years. 

Burrows and Winkle then followed that performance with 1st and 2nd in the 100 Freestyle with times of 52.64 and 54.60 respectively. (They did it in the lanes next to each other also)

Last highlight but not least was a conference championship title in the 200 Freestyle relay with a finishing time of 1:39.67. The team of Burrows, Carpenter, Mills, and Winkle. Those girls will be gunning for the school record at the State Championship in two weeks.

An incredible weekend for an incredible team finishing 4th overall. An unforgetable year.
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