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Eagles Athletics

Grand Rapids Christian High School


Eagles Athletics

Grand Rapids Christian High School

Eagles Athletics

Grand Rapids Christian High School

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Posted 1 month ago @ 11:59AM

Football Seniors

#1 TeQuan Culbreath

Parent: TeQuita Culbreath
TeQuan’s favorite teacher at GR Christian is Mr. Larry Borst and his favorite football memory is his toe-tap interception against Forest Hills Northern earlier this season. About Eagle football, TeQuan noted that he loves the environment and how long he has been playing with all of his friends. Finally, TeQuan would like to say a special “thank you” to his mom for working hard as a single parent and supporting him through the last four years no matter what.

#2 Tyree Gamble

Parents: Monique Gamble and Thaddius Gamble, Sr.
Tyree’s favorite teacher at Christian High is Ms. Das and the football memory he loves most is beating East Grand Rapids last year. Tyree appreciates the relationships he has built with his teammates over the last four years, and he encourages the younger players to cherish every moment and have fun because the time flies by! Tyree would like to thank his parents for showing up to every game, encouraging him, and pushing him to do his best.

#3 Gabe Armstead

Parents: Valissa and Gabriel Armstead
Gabe’s favorite teacher is Mr. Gee and his favorite memories from Eagle football were 2-a-days at football camp, good times with friends, and the fun we were able to have with non-football-related activities together as a team. Regarding the program, Gabe most appreciates the brotherhood and the work ethic; particularly that the players and coaches can push each other outside their comfort zone while working together toward a common goal. 

#10 Dono' Thames

Parents: Gwen Schaefer and Erek Thames
Dono’s favorite teachers are Mrs. Petracek and Ms. Das; his favorite thing about Eagle football is the Friday Night Lights feeling and how the team has had to fight hard for every bit of progress all year. Dono’s advice for younger players is to keep playing, mentioning that he regrets not playing football all four years of high school. Dono' would like to thank his parents for putting him in a situation where he can continue to press forward with opportunity and positivity. 

#11 Cooper Hutt

Parents: Justin and Allison Hutt.
Cooper’s favorite teacher at GR Christian is Mr. Quist and his favorite football memory is his first game earlier this season, noting that it was a crazy experience after having played soccer his entire life! About Eagle football, Cooper stated that he loves the community and appreciates how it is different from other sports. To his parents, Cooper would like to say “thank you for supporting me in trying something new.”

#15 Tyler Porte

Parents: Jason and Connie Porte
Tyler’s favorite teacher is Mr. Larry Borst and his best football memory is the dramatic comeback win over Fruitport earlier this season. Tyler loves the family-like bonds he has made through playing football and encourages the younger players to be committed and consistent; also, don’t be afraid to switch positions or try something new! Tyler would like to thank his parents for putting him in a position to be successful over the years. 

#22 Temamen Warners

Parents: Phil and Connie Warners
Tem’s favorite teacher at Christian High is Mr. Mark Warners and his favorite football memory is the team retreat. Tem loves the brotherhood that is formed through football and advises the younger players to keep working hard and to stick together. To his parents, Tem would like to say, “Thank you for supporting me along the way and coming to my games.”

#47 Adam Persenaire

Parents: Philip and Kristina Persenaire
Adam’s favorite teacher is Mr. Diekema and his best football memory is starting for the first time last week at Forest Hills Central. Adam’s favorite thing about football is the feeling in the locker room before a game and encourages younger players to work hard at practice — noting that it’s more fun that way! Adam wants his parents to know how much he appreciates the amount of time and effort they have put into helping him succeed. 

#50 Jaylin Garcia

Family: Maria Garcia, stepfather Nicholas Gonzales, and grandmother Natalie Garcia
As favorite teachers, Jaylin mentioned Mr. VanHarn, Mr. Warners, Coach Taylor, Ms. Das, Ms. Avila - and Coach Kenney! Jaylin’s favorite football memory is driving to Detroit two years ago to play Mumford High School in a last-minute, COVID-rescheduled game — and the pizza feast we had in a gas station parking lot on the way home! To the younger players, Jaylin says, “stay on top of your school work, focus first, and the fun will come later.” Jaylin would like to thank his mom, stepdad, grandma, and his siblings for making it possible for him to attend GRC along with all the people who have supported him in his high school experience - noting he has taken a lot from high school and believes he has become a better person as a result.

#52 Luke Selfe

Parents, Robb and Leslie Selfe
As a favorite teacher, Luke noted Mrs. Boven and his best football memory is coming from behind to beat Fruitport earlier this year. To the younger players, Luke says, “trust the process, don’t take any day for granted” while also adding how much he loves the family-like atmosphere of the football team. Luke would like to thank his parents for, “dealing with all his different attitudes after practices and games, and for always being supportive.” 

#55 James Baker

Parents: Dora and James Baker Sr.
James’s favorite teachers are Ms. Das, Mrs. Boven, and Mr. Larry Borst. James remembers Friday film studies with Coach Riley with the sandwich cookies, and paintball at last year’s team retreat. James loves that Eagle football is a brotherhood and that we work to focus our culture on more than simply on-field success. James is grateful to his parents for their motivation and helping him get out of his own head when he is frustrated or disappointed. 

#77 Isaiah Luk

Parent: Simon Luk and Rebecca Makuei
Isaiah’s favorite teachers are Mr. VanHarn and Mrs. Kissinger, and his best football memory is the team retreat during the 2020 COVID season. About the Eagle football program, Isaiah most loves how close of a family we are even though we all come from so many different backgrounds; he encourages younger players to trust the process - even when the process is taking a while. Isaiah would like to thank his mom, dad, grandma, and all his uncles for guiding him and encouraging him. 

On behalf of the coaching staff, your teammates, and all the Eagle fans, thank you, Seniors for all the contributions you have made to the Eagle Football Program and Grand Rapids Christian High School. We are so proud of you and so excited for your future. Congratulations and GO EAGLES! 

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