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Eagles Athletics

Grand Rapids Christian High School


Eagles Athletics

Grand Rapids Christian High School

Eagles Athletics

Grand Rapids Christian High School

Eagles Athletics

Grand Rapids Christian High School

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Posted 2.0 weeks ago @ 3:11PM

2023 Eagle Athletes of the Year

Eagle Athlete of the year is voted on by varsity head coaches.  Our coaches value multi-sport athletes with high character and excellent grades.

Our female Eagle Athlete of the Year is Katelyn LaRue.

GPA- 4.11

Katelyn has been a 3-sport athlete her freshman and sophomore years, and a 4-sport for her junior and seniors years.  She ran cross country, played basketball and soccer, and ran track. She has served her teams as captain in basketball and soccer, and was voted MVP in basketball twice. She is a 4-year state cross country team member which is as tough a squad to make as any in the state.

From Basketball Coach Strickland:
Kate is a very competitive, talented high school athlete.  Her team rarely lost drills at practice because she always willed them to win.  I would even try to stack the odds against her, and she would still find a way to win.  A secret talent Katelyn has that not everyone knows about she is actually a great dancer.  

From Soccer Coach Dufendach and Running Coach Jager:
Katelyn has a calm and steady demeanor, yet she is a fierce competitor and leader.

From Athletic Director Jason Heerema:
I have always marveled at how you balanced everything. Our families travel together, and went we went camping while the rest of us lounging around in the morning, you would get a 5-10 mile run in, come back and play games, then take a break to do your dribbling drills. You do it while getting great grades, having fun with friends and family. Including beating your dad in everything, another thing we share.

We have loved watching you play and are excited to watch you play at Calvin University next year.

Our male Eagle Athlete of the Year is Luke Selfe.

GPA: 3.84

Luke is a 4-year 3-sport athlete. He has played football, wrestled, and played lacrosse.  During his high school career he has served as captain on multiple teams.  

From Football Coach Sundberg:
"To get an idea of Luke’s character — after a very tough loss to rival East Grand Rapids this past season, my little kids came down onto the field as they do after every home game and were running around under the late night lights. At one point after almost everyone had left the field — many of the players in frustration — I finished a conversation and looked over to see Luke still out on the field. Out of anyone on our team, I know that Luke was taking the loss hard. However, instead of hanging his head, throwing a fit, or storming into the locker room, Luke was down on one knee playing with my 3-year-old son and little niece who was visiting for the game. It wasn't that Luke was flippantly side-stepping the emotion of the moment, he had invested everything he had into the competition, but he still had the maturity and perspective to understand what is really important in the long run. Moments like this indicate who Luke is, how he conducted himself for four years, over three sports, at Grand Rapids Christian, and why he is deserving of the Eagle Athlete of the Year award.

From Athletic Director, Jason Heerema: 
Luke, when you walk around the school, everyone engages with you because you are open, kind and enthusiastic with all people. I believe that whatever you do in the future, whether it be a CEO or with a shovel in your hand, you will continue to make everyone around you better — which is a rare and important gift. We are so proud of you and know that will have an amazing time playing football and doing school at Wheaton College. 

Congratulations to these incredible athletes!

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