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Eagles Athletics

Grand Rapids Christian High School


Eagles Athletics

Grand Rapids Christian High School

Eagles Athletics

Grand Rapids Christian High School

Eagles Athletics

Grand Rapids Christian High School

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Posted 1 month ago @ 12:47PM

Celebrating our football seniors!

#1 Malachi Hooser 

Parents:  Malachi and Erica Hooser

Malachi’s favorite teacher at GR Christian is Mr. Heeres because he can talk to him about anything. Malachi’s favorite football memory is the first touchdown of his senior year against South Christian. His advice to younger players is: “I encourage you to work hard, stay committed, and continuously strive for improvement while maintaining a healthy balance in your life.” Finally, Malachi would like to thank his parents for believing in him to be the best person he can be on and off the field. 

#3 Zeke Heerema 

Parents: Jason and Esther Heerema

Mr. Larry Borst is Zeke’s favorite teacher because he is funny and always says hello. Zeke’s favorite football memory is his first touchdown this year against Northview and he most appreciates the brotherhood among the players and coaches. Zeke’s encouragement to younger players is to “Stick with it, trust the process, and always strive to do your best.” Zeke would like to thank his parents for pushing him to play football and supporting him every step of the way. 

#4 Isaiah Caviness 

Parents: Ann and Lindley Arnold, and Trammel Caviness. 

Zay’s favorite teacher is Mrs. TenHuisen because she has been a very big help to him over the past couple years and has given a lot of uplifting words to keep pushing him through. Isaiah’s favorite Eagle football memory is when the seniors beat the coaches in beach volleyball on the senior retreat (which Coach Sundberg noted sounds like a totally made-up memory). Regarding the football program, Zay loves that no matter the challenges we have faced, he appreciates the brotherhood and love that he has received over the last few years. To his parents, Isaiah says: “I would like to thank my mom and Lindley for encouraging me to put God first and to always be the best version of myself. I would also like to thank my dad for supporting me in everything I do.” 

#7 Jude Klunder 

Parents: Dan and Tonya Klunder

Jude’s favorite teachers are Mr. VanHarn and Mrs. Kissinger because they believed in him when he was struggling. Jude’s best memory of Eagle football is pulling off the biggest comeback in school history last year against Fruitport. Jude loves the community that surrounds the team each Friday night and the brotherhood of the team. To his parents, Jude would like to say “thank you for putting faith in me and pushing me to be not only the best athlete, but also the best person that I can be.” Jude is still undecided on the school he will attend, but next year he plans to play collegiate football and study construction management. 

#8 DeWayne Goree 

Parent: Joy Cook. 

Mrs. Strickland is DeWayne’s favorite teacher at school because she always spreads words of encouragement. DeWayne’s favorite memory of Eagle football is the interception he had last year against Fruitport to help win the game. DeWayne would like to share that he is proud of the pride and dedication his teammates and coaches have, and that he loves the relationships he has made. To the younger players, DeWayne would like to share, “Stick to it, no matter what. Football helps make great friendships.” DeWayne would like to thank his mom for allowing him to the game of football and for always supporting him. Next year DeWayne hopes to play football and run track while studying law or business in college. 

#11 Ethan Ogle 

Parents: Ryan and Jessica Ogle. 

Ethan’s favorite teachers are Mr. Larry Borst and Mr. VanHarn - both teachers have challenged Ethan and helped him grow in his faith. Ethan has loved finding a spot in the football community after joining the team this year; he really enjoys the atmosphere of the games and the brotherhood football has created for him. Ethan would like to thank his parents for supporting him in the new decision to play football; next year he plans to play junior hockey en route to pursuing the opportunity to play in college. 

#13 Ben Geers 

Parents: Craig and Ann Geers. 

Ben’s favorite teacher at GR Christian is Mr. Tuit because you can tell that he cares about his students and Ben loves to talk with him about their shared interests. Ben’s favorite memory of Eagle football is the senior retreat this summer and he loves how each player on the team has a relationship with one another - noting how close the team is this year. To the younger players, Ben shared, “Your talent is God’s gift to you, what you do with it is your gift back to God.” Ben would like to thank his parents for loving him at all times and allowing him to come to Grand Rapids Christian. Also, thanks to his dad for always playing catch and talking about sports. After high school Ben plans to attend college to study animal science to become a conservation officer or work with animals in some way. 

#30 Jordan Rodgers 

Parents: Kathy and Robert Rodgers

Jordan’s favorite teachers are Mr. Stapert and Mr. Mosterd because they push him to be a better student and person. Jordan’s favorite football memory is kicking the game winning field goal against East Grand Rapids his sophomore year and he really enjoys that the football program is a big family and everyone has each other’s back. To his parents, Jordan would like to say, “Thank you for coming to each and every game and supporting me for the last four years.” Next year, Jordan plans to play soccer in college and study finance. 

#40 Zach Clark 

Parents: Matthew Clark, Moncia Stemle-App and Richard App

Mrs. Kissinger is Zach’s favorite teacher because she genuinely cares about her students and is determined to help them understand what she is teaching. Zach’s favorite football memory is scoring his first ever touchdown in 6th grade and hugging his dad afterward. About Eagle football, Zach remarked that the coaches truly care and desire to help us for our future. The coaches have open ears for their players and also enjoy being here with us, win or lose. To younger players, Zach says, “Believe in Jesus Christ and trust Him wherever you go. Also, just keep working even when things aren’t going your way. Just keep working.” To his parents, Zach says, “I want to thank my family for not missing a single game and for being there through the ups and down of this game. I am very grateful for the different ways my parents contribute to pushing me to be better and for never ever once doubting me.” 

#60 Marcus Dykstra 

Parents: Bill and Bonnie Dykstra

 Marcus’s favorite teacher at GR Christian is Mr. Larry Borst because he makes class fun, tells funny stories, and makes class something to look forward to. Marcus’s favorite things about Eagle football have been going to camp, being part of the fellowship of other players, and the lessons taught by the coaches. Marcus’s advice to younger players is, “If you are thinking about joining football, join sooner rather than later. Also, focus on where you are going, not on the mistakes you have made.” Marcus is thankful to his parents for supporting him joining the team on short notice, showing up to games, and providing food for team dinners. 

#68 Henry Jackson 

Parents: Rhonda Mejeur and Jeffrey Jackson

Mrs. Vrooman is Henry’s favorite teacher because she is a fantastic teacher and is kind to everyone she meets. About Eagle football, Henry noted that he loves the friendships he’s developed with his teammates and that there’s nothing better than a team dinner with your friends after a long practice. Henry’s advice to younger players is to “work hard, have fun, be kind to each other, and keep your grades up!” Finally, Henry would like to thank his parents for supporting all of his interests during high school and being faithful fans of the football program. 


On behalf of the coaching staff, your teammates, and all the Eagle fans, thank you, Seniors for all the contributions you have made to the Eagle Football Program and Grand Rapids Christian High School. We are so proud of you and so excited for your future. Congratulations and GO EAGLES!

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