March is National Athletic Training Month!

Updated on 04/16/2024

March is National Athletic Training Month and we know that we have one of the very best for our athletes at Grand Rapids Christian, Shari Oole! 

We asked Shari what she likes about a being an Athletic Trainer.  

  • I really enjoy being able to help kids when they believe they are at their lowest point.  Sometimes I am fortunate and a simple change allows them to be able to play and be successful.  Other times it takes a village getting them back to sports and I get to be a part of that village.  Either way, it's amazing to watch them overcome adversities and resume sports participation. 
  • I love that my job is never the same two days in a row and every three months it COMPLETELY changes (new teams, new kids, new injuries, etc).  There is rarely a boring moment.

We asked what Sharie likes about being an Athletic Trainer at our school.   

  • The kids are truly great people.  No one is ever intentionally disrespectful.  That makes my job easier as well as more enjoyable.  
  • All of the parents that I have spoken with express their appreciation for my input (whether they heed my advice or not).  
  • The administration has been supportive in funding AEDs and other safety equipment that we needed to purchase.  
  • The Eagles Athletic Boosters have helped purchase items as well to help the sports medicine program provide services for the students.  Every time I bring up some idea of something I would like to have or do here, I am never told "No."  If they can't make it happen right away, they throw out some ideas of when or how we could do it.  That is amazing! 
  • I love that everyone here is open to ideas, supportive in my vision of the sports medicine program, and creative in finding ways to make things happen.

In addition to her work at GRCHS, Shari currently sits on the Secondary Schools' Athletic Training Committee for the Michigan Athletic Trainers' Society.  The have been building bridges with the MHSAA for about 10 years now.  They were recently able to hold a TUFSS (Teaming Up For Sports Safety) meeting with the MHSAA to assess state mandated inclusion of best practice policies in regards to catastrophic injuries.  The response from the MHSAA was amazing.  They are working diligently to revise and create policies to address several key areas of safety in hopes they may be adopted by the next Representative Council meeting.

A few of our coaches had things to share about Shari as well.

  • Shari Oole has quickly cemented herself as an elite athletic trainer in only a little over a year at GR Christian. The care of our students and communication is excellent but I have also very much appreciated her pushing us to be at the very peak for safety, preparedness, emergency planning and current practices.
  • Shari is amazing! Her passion for supporting our teams and athlete is unmatched. Her skill working with our athletes to enable them to be on the field and perform their best is phenomenal.
  • I appreciate her attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile for my team! Last year at districts we played our games in pretty extreme heat. She brought wet towels, extra water, and coolers with ice for the athletes to be able to stay cool and hydrated.
  • As a coach, working with Shari is great! She possesses high attention to detail, strong expertise in the area of athletic training, and works very hard. Best of all, she loves our kids and treats them - and their families - with care and respect. I am grateful for Shari’s role in Eagle athletics!

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