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Girls Varsity Volleyball vs. OPEN

8.0 months ago @ 1:25PM
Game Date
Nov 9, 2023
EAGLES : 3.00
OPEN: 0.00

The Grand Rapids Christian Eagles are victorious in the in the Regional Final, sweeping Grand Rapids Catholic Central 3-0. The final scores of the sets were 25-19, 25-15, and 25-20. This match further highlighted the team's exceptional talent and unity on the court.


The Eagles maintained an impressive hitting percentage of .304 throughout the match, demonstrating their offensive accuracy. Leading the team with an outstanding performance was Grace Goodyke, who tallied an impressive 16 kills and an exceptional .500 hitting efficiency.


Ella Boorsma showcased her skills at the service line, contributing three aces that put pressure on the opposing team. Boorsma's accurate and powerful serves were instrumental in gaining and extending crucial point leads during the match.


In terms of passing, the Eagles exhibited exceptional teamwork, maintaining an average passing rate of 2.3. Mallory Bremer played a crucial role in this area, leading the team with an incredible passing average of 2.7. The team's collective passing skills ensured efficient ball distribution and set up numerous opportunities and the eventual win for the team.


On the defensive end, Madison Peal displayed exceptional agility and determination, recording a remarkable 11 digs. Peal's ability to anticipate plays and maintain a strong defensive presence.


Grace Spoelma along with Hanna Bredeweg orchestrated the team's offense with precision, delivering impeccable assists to her teammates. Spoelma led the team with 18 assists.


Overall, the Grand Rapids Christian Eagles' performance in the Regional Final was nothing short of exceptional. Their unified teamwork, powerful hitting, accurate serving, and solid defense proved to be the winning combination. With this impressive victory, the Eagles have cemented their place as a formidable force in the tournament and are now one step closer to their ultimate goal.


The Eagles play their next match in Charlotte at 6:00pm against Edwardsburg High School in the quarter finals of the State Tournament.