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4 days ago @ 12:43PM

GRCHS Athletic Award Winners - Class of 2020

Eagle Athlete of the Year

Eagle Athlete of the Year is awarded annually to the top male and female athlete at GR Christian with an emphasis on multi-sport athletes. The portrait of a graduate aspect that is most often revealed by these award winners is one of being a creative solution finder. These athletes are the glue and leadership for their respective teams. This award is voted on by the varsity coaches.

Female Eagle Athlete of the Year- Rory Pruis

Rory played 2 years of varsity golf after doing 2 years of Cross Country.  Rory played 4 years of basketball, 3 years on the varsity team and earned Honorable Mention as a sophomore. Rory participated in a total of 5 sports while at Grand Rapids Christian which also included a junior season where she dual-sported in the same season with soccer. 

As a 4-year varsity soccer player, Rory was a Captain and All-Conference selection as a Junior before her senior season was cut short. Rory will attend Calvin University and play soccer.

We congratulate Rory on earning the Female Eagle Athlete of the Year!

Male Eagle Athlete of the Year- Evan May

Evan played 4 years of soccer, 2 years on varsity. Evan was All-Conference, All-District and Captain his senior year for soccer. Evan also played varsity football the last two years. Evan played 4 years of basketball, 3 years on varsity. Evan was a Captain and All-Conference for the varsity basketball team both his junior and senior year and also earned BCAM Scholar Athlete as a senior. Evan played JV Golf his freshman and sophomore year.

Evan rounded out his 5-sport Eagle experience by participating on the new boys volleyball program from its very start. Evan earned All-Conference and All-Regions both years as well as serving as a Captain. Evan had several colleges interested in him for volleyball

Evan plans to attend Calvin University and play basketball.

We congratulate Evan for earning the Male Eagle Athlete of the Year!

Scholar Athlete of the Year

This award is earned by the senior student athletes (one male and one female) who have the highest GPA in their class while participating in at least two varsity- level sports. You will all be shocked to discover that both of our award winners are Cross Country and Track athletes.

Female Scholar Athlete of the Year - Delaney Sall

Delaney finished high school with a 4.319 GPA and participated in Cross Country and Track

Coach Doug Jager says, “Delaney was a first-year runner for the Eagles as she moved from Marquette. She is a very hard worker who came to practice ready to do everything asked of her. She ran top 7 for us every race. I was really looking forward to her track season as she came with impressive middle-distance times!” 

Congratulations Delaney on earning the GRCHS Athletics Female Scholar Athlete of the Year!

Male Scholar Athlete of the Year - Ben Peterson

Ben finished high school with a 4.354 GPA and participated in Cross Country and Track

Coach Jager reports, “Ben was a solid performer all 4 years. Consistently in the top 7 the past three seasons. Ben has been a valuable member of our team with a great work ethic. He always comes to practice ready to work. Very mature as well and always represented Grand Rapids Christian well.”

Congratulations Ben on earning the GRCHS Athletics Male Scholar Athlete of the Year!

Baarman Award

This year we are honoring two student-athletes for our Baarman Award. The Baarman Award celebrates student-athletes who have to overcome significant challenges to participate in athletics. This award is special for us here in the Athletic Department.  These wonderful athletes have been a blessing to us all.

Taylor Martin

Taylor participated all 4 years in sideline cheer and bowling. Taylor earned a varsity spot on the bowling team this year after a lot of hard work and focus. Taylor is extraordinarily kind, enthusiastic, and genuine. She has risen above her cognitive challenges and excelled as an athlete. She is a ray of sunshine everywhere she goes. Taylor will be missed in every area of the school life that she touched. Taylor is a great example of what it means to be an Eagle.

Coach Larry Borst knows Taylor well as her bowling coach.  Coach Borst said, “This is a small thing, but regionals were held at the bowling alley where Taylor bought her bowling ball. Before she left, she made sure to thank the people that sold her the bowling ball for a good season.  The second thing that strikes me about her is how seriously she took bowling.  She really wanted to do well.  In her senior year she began to play close attention getting her thumb properly chalked and the oil off her bowling ball and she earned a spot on the team.”

Coach Jacquie DeJonge (sideline cheer) says, “Taylor’s laugh and smile will always stay with me. She is very respectful of coaches and teammates. She has an incredible memory – often reminding others what had been said weeks before. She is very kind and so, so happy. Her athletic growth and physical strength have developed remarkably over the last four years. Taylor progressively became more confident and vocal, for example, reminding others of the rules and expectations. As she matured, Taylor became more of a leader, asking for additional responsibilities as a member of the team. Most importantly, she has matured in her faith, quietly reflecting the Christian values instilled in her by her parents and Granny. I will miss her very much and wish her God’s blessings and the very best!!”

Congratulations Taylor! We can’t wait to see what God has in store for you in how He will use your many gifts!

Adam Baker

Adam participated all four years on the Cross Country, Bowling and Track teams. His times in Cross Country and in Track were good enough to be varsity on many of the teams across the state.

To be around Adam is to be immersed in enthusiasm and genuine joy. Adam is respectful and kind and manages the challenges that come with having autism with a special style and flair. Adam will be missed as a student, an athlete and a friend to everyone he meets. He always represented the Eagles so well.

Assistant Bowling Coach Larry Borst says of Adam: ”A small thing but it shows something of his character.  Adam was careful to thank the people at the bowling alley and wish them a good weekend or a Merry Christmas.  He started good conversations with teammates and coaches, he talked about trains, and he developed a very strong throw that sometime had more speed than accuracy but had impressive speed, nonetheless.  A joy to have on the team.

Cross Country and Track Head Coach Doug Jager says of Adam- “I could write my own book with Adam Baker stories. He was a delight to coach, and I will really miss him. He always welcomed me with a happy "hello Mr. Jager, how are you today?" I'll share two stories:  As a junior he was hoping to PR at our race in Otsego. After finding out what his favorite food was cheeseburgers, I promised him I would buy him a cheeseburger if he set a PR. All through the race coaches encourage him to run hard by reminding him of his cheeseburger award. Adam then broke his PR by 40 seconds! On the way home I had the bus driver pull into McDonalds where I alone got off and purchased 2 cheeseburgers. He still talked about this day his senior year, calling it "the best day of his life."  The second story involves Adam's love for trains. “Adam must see any train he hears. Anyway, one day when the team was running, I found myself with just Adam as we went up Alger hill to school. As we neared the crest of the hill, we could hear a train in the distance approaching us. Adam wanted to wait for it. I really preferred to just finish our run and get with the rest of the team, after all, school was just a few hundred yards away. But Adam insisted, and so we stayed. As the train appeared, we waved and motioned to the conductor to blow the horn, which he did, long and loud. Adam was beaming. As we finished our run to school, Adam explained to me the details of the train. He named the start of the trains route and the destination as well as the type of engine on the locomotive. I have no doubt his details were accurate.”

Congratulations Adam! We can’t wait to see what God has in store for you in how He will use your many gifts!

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