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Eagles Athletics

Grand Rapids Christian High School

Eagles Athletics

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Posted 1 month ago @ 1:03PM

Girls Volleyball Seniors

It was senior night for Girls Volleyball last night.  This is what their teammates had to say about them!

Kidist Nelson
Parents: Michael and Tricia Nelson

Written by Rachel Larsen

I’ve been on the same team as Kidist for the past three years and I’ve learned so many things and shared so many memories with her.  If you don’t know Kidist, you really should get to know her.  She is the most kind, caring, funny, loving, and encouraging person I know.  One of my favorite things about Kidist is her gorgeous contagious smile, it never fails to brighten up a room and make me smile.  Even during a bad practice or when I’m down she constantly encourages me.  There are too many memories that Kidist and I share, but one of the memories I will never forget is every day Kidist gives me the biggest hug.  She’s done it every day since my freshman year, and it’s actually really impressive how persistent she’s been.  Kidist, you are such an amazing person and I can’t wait ot watch the amazing things you do in your future.  I just want you know that I love you so much and you better come visit me next year when you leave.  


Rowan Cebulski
Parents:  Laura Hoeksema and Joe Cebulski

Written by Hannah Bredeweg

I’ve known Rowan since middle school and have looked up to her ever since.  If you know Rowan, you know how much of a hardworking, selfless, and kind person she really is.  And . . . I’ve yet to find something she’s not good at.  She comes into the gym everyday working to improve herself and her teammates while always keeping a positive attitude.  Rowan brings so much to this team on and off the court.  She’s an amazing team leader, leading by example and showing others what hard work looks like.  She pushes everyone on this team to be the best player and person they can be.  Rowan, you make every day so much fun and never fail to put a smile on my face.  It’s been a blessing to play with you these past two years, and I’m going to miss seeing your smile e very day.  I love you so much and can’t wait to see all the amazing things you will accomplish next year.  I’ll miss you so much!  I love you, Rowan.

Makenzie Ritsema
Parents: Robb and Lisa Ritsema

Written by Savannah Bol

Kenzie has been on varsity since her sophomore year.  Going to the volleyball games as an underclassman and watching her play, I knew she was something special.  Watching Kenzie play volleyball is watching a selfless, dedicated, encouraging leader.  This summer as we were preparing for the season, Kenzie was undeniably welcoming and loving towards me.  She was always encouraging me when I was nervous, giving me tips on how I could push myself, and being my biggest cheerleader.  Getting to know Kenzie and play the same position together has been one of my biggest blessings from this season.  Not only is Kenzie my biggest fan on the court, but she’s also my greatest fan off the court.  Kenz, you are always hyping me up and giving me confidence in myself.  I look up to you so much and have learned so much from you.  Thank you for setting a great example for me on how to be a great person, a great volleyball player and a great leader.  Kenz, I don’t want to say goodbye to you, but I’m so excited for your new journey ahead.  I’m going to miss your big hugs every day, your smiling face, your encouragement and words of wisdom, but most of all your selflessness and dedication in all aspects of your life.  Kenz, I know I speak on behalf of this whole team when I say that I love you and I am so proud of everything you accomplished.  I can’t wait to see what is to come for you, and I don’t want you to ever forget that I’ll always be your biggest fan.  You will forever be my middle bestie, even it’s from 180 miles away this time.

Gabrielle Richardson
Parents: Gregory and Tynae Richardson

Written by Grace Spoelma

If you haven’t met Gabby, you’ve missed out on knowing a true friend.  Gabby is selfless, hardworking, honest, and a quiet leader.  She always exemplifies kindness by handing out snacks before practice to everyone even if it means she won’t get any of her own food.  Gabby is the type of person to bring a sense of calmness to a room.  More times than she knows, her smile in the hallways at school has made my day so much better.  Through my three years of knowing Gabby, she has always done her best to improve not only her game, but also makes the team better with her infectious good attitude.  When I switched positions last year, she helped me in so many aspects and always always encouraged me and taught me the ropes on how to play defense.  Her sarcasm brings laughter to us all, her smile brings happiness to us all, and her focused mentality brings out intensity in us all.  Gabby, thank you for always being there for all of us — for being kind, for challenging us and for remaining a consistent and hardworking teammate.  I wish I could be your teammate and friend for so many more years!  I will miss you in the gym every day but I know wherever college and life take you, you will excel!  Love you, Gab!


On behalf of the coaching staff, your teammates, and all the Eagle fans, thank you, Seniors for all the contributions you have made to the Eagle Volleyball Program and Grand Rapids Christian High School. We are so proud of you and so excited for your future. 

Congratulations and GO EAGLES!

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